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Ivory background.jpg
In Full Bloom Logo.png

Inspired by the approach of fall, these blooms keep producing past the peak of summer and push on toward autumn. From persistent roses to happy coneflowers, these blooms press boldly on until the frosts claim them. They’re not only beautiful, but tough as well. They’re In Full Bloom as we cross into autumn.

The North Forty Logo.png

Growing up on a hay farm meant knowing the wild beauty of growing things. Haystacks were my play place; lilacs the smell of my childhood. Water was life, and when the sprouts emerged from those perfectly plowed rows, you knew it was spring. You knew how far summer had progressed by what crops were harvested.


The contrast of perfect stacks with the thick tangles of life- sustaining wheat has always been beautiful to me. It’s geometry and movement; precision and prayer; hard work and luck; body and soul. It’s the beauty of farm life.