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The Best, Most Absorbent Kitchen Towels

The best, most absorbent kitchen towels that also dry quickly  |  Lisee Ree Designs

If you’ve ever been trying to clean up a big mess in the kitchen or bathroom, I'm certain you've experienced:

  • paper towels (or small towels) just can't handle the volume

  • some towels seem to repel water rather than absorb it

  • designs get so faded and worn that you don't want to have them around anymore

  • there's no good way to hang them up to dry

  • they take a long time to dry

With all these problems, how do you pick the best, most absorbent kitchen towels?

If so, then I have the perfect kitchen towels for you. They check all the boxes (that the towels above couldn't) and are vibrant and beautiful on top of it all.

I’ve used a lot of kitchen and bath towels in my day…with four kids and pets, I’ve gone through a ton of different types and designs and I've cleaned a LOT of big messes. So I feel pretty confident telling you that these passed the test and have my stamp of approval.

Most Absorbent Fabric For Kitchen Towels

I've spent a lot of time working with fabric over years, so let's start with what kitchen towels are typically made of and why I'm such a fan of these towels. These won hands down. They are soft and easily pick up liquids, they absorb a LOT so big messes aren't a problem, they have a hang loop for easy storing and drying, and they look cute to boot.

So what's the secret to this amazing kitchen towel? The waffle-weave microfiber fabric is the star of the show.

The best, most absorbent kitchen towels that also dry quickly  |  Lisee Ree Designs

So what makes waffle-weave microfiber the best fabric for kitchen towels?

Waffle-weave microfiber is like this magical fabric that both absorbs mass amounts of fabric while drying much more quickly than other fabrics. More liquid, less time.

The weave is what helps these towels absorb so much. The little pockets left by the weave create more surface area for absorbing, so you get more power per square inch. And the microfiber content helps it dry much more quickly than traditional towels.

Also helpful is a generous size, hang loop, and beautifully vibrant prints.

The best, most absorbent kitchen towels that also dry quickly  |  Lisee Ree Designs

Here are my complaints about other kitchen towel fabrics (i.e. the results of my extensive research).

Inferior Kitchen Towel Fabric Choices:

  • Flour Sack: Maybe I've only ever used the wrong ones, but these towels are stiff, thin, and only good for covering a bowl of dough in my opinion. The bigger size is the only thing it has going for it.

  • Cotton: Cotton is more absorbent than flour sack or linen, but most of the ones I've used are thin, and don't hold very much liquid. They might be cute, but I'm not a fan. They do hold up to washing well and continue to soften, but I always pick other towels first. Plus, longer drying time is a big negative for me.

  • Cheap Microfiber: Yikes. I can't even touch these towels. They have this awful texture and they seem to repel liquid rather than picking it up. Just avoid these at all costs.

  • Linen: Linen is my second-favorite option for kitchen towels. I appreciate its ability to soak up water and that it gets continually softer. My main complaint is that it looks wrinkly and crumpled after drying your hands or dishes and makes the kitchen look less than tidy. It also takes longer to dry, and soggy towels in the kitchen are just yuck.

  • Terry Cloth: Sure, its absorbent, but it leaves lint when drying dishes and wiping counters. Terry cloth has loops on one or both sides of the fabric, which can catch bits and pieces of food and grime and make the towel stink faster. They also dry incredibly slowly.

So let’s get the best, most absorbent (and prettiest) kitchen towels into your hands.
The best, most absorbent kitchen towels that also dry quickly  |  Lisee Ree Designs

Are you ready to try these towels? I'm so glad. Because I spent a lot of time (and money) getting samples made and finding not only an amazing fabric but high-quality printing as well so that your designs are long-lasting and vibrant for a long time.

I started with three designs, and I am so happy with all of them. These are my favorite housewarming, mother's day, and birthday gifts for friends, and I tend to bundle them with Swedish dishcloths for a perfect gift set. Then I slide a tag or note in and they’re ready to give!

You can find them in the shop or via the link below:

The best, most absorbent kitchen towels that also dry quickly  |  Lisee Ree Designs

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