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Why I Switched to Swedish Dishcloths

Why I switched to swedish dishcloths | Swedish dishcloths in a bucket |

If you're like me, you've probably seen Swedish dishcloths popping up everywhere--those pretty, eco-friendly cloths that seemingly everyone on the Internet is raving about. I certainly did, and I couldn’t understand what the draw was.

I kept getting served an Instagram ad for Swedish dishcloths, and I didn't know what they were. So I checked it out. At first I wasn't interested due to the price, but as time went by, my curiosity was piqued and I decided to give them a try.

What I found was that they’re not just pretty, but they’re compostable, reusable, and--maybe most importantly--they provide a no-smell option that I never could quite find in a traditional dishcloth. Read on to find out why I switched to Swedish dishcloths and why you should too.

Why I switched to swedish dishcloths | Swedish dishcloths on a counter |

What are Swedish Dishcloths?

Swedish dishcloths are cellulose and cotton cloths that are both super absorbent and dry quickly. They can hold up to 15 times their weight in liquid, which means they get wet, messy jobs done quickly and efficiently.

They're a paper-towel replacement. They are good for just about anything a paper towel does, but in most cases they do a better job. So instead of going through 15 rolls of paper towels, you can completely use up 1 Swedish dishcloth. Saves space, money, and effort. I'm in.

Why I switched to swedish dishcloths | Swedish dishcloth with a bunch of paper towels |

What Makes them Swedish Dishcloths Earth-Friendly?

Because they're made from cellulose and cotton (both of which are natural fibers that break down naturally), they are completely biodegradable (and compostable). Just use them until they start to break down, then toss them in your compost. Even if you don't compost, you'll feel better knowing they break down completely and won't leave a trace.

They replace SO many paper towels. Now don't get me wrong; I still use paper towels for things like bacon grease and oils, but I've seen a drastic reduction in my family's paper towel consumption, which is awesome.

Why I switched to swedish dishcloths | squeezing out a Swedish dishcloths |

How Do Swedish Dishcloths Remain Odor Free?

Because they dry so quickly, they don't have time to grow bacteria. Just give them a good squeeze and let them dry. I have a hook I hang mine on, but I also let them dry over the faucet or sink divider if that's what I've got handy.

What Has My Experience with Swedish Dishcloths Been?

I love them. I got rid of all my other dish cloths and how have a small container under my sink with Swedish dishcloths instead. They take up less room, and I use them for all my cleaning (not just in the kitchen). Once they start looking stained and less attractive, they become my rags for bathrooms, cars, floors, and everywhere else I need a rag.

Why I switched to swedish dishcloths | Swedish dishcloths washing a mirror |

Are Swedish Dishcloths Worth the Cost?

Since one of my initial hesitations was cost, how do I feel they do on worth? Well, I'm sold. They last for 6-9 months, are easy to clean and use, and they absorb SO MUCH liquid. I can use them for just about everything, they take up less storage room, and they're good for the environment. With all these benefits, I think they're worth it.

Monetarily, they can replace 15 rolls of paper towels, which cost way more than $7 so they win there as well.

Why I switched to swedish dishcloths | Swedish dishcloths on a counter |

Why I Switched to Swedish Dishcloths

The key motivator for making the switch to Swedish dishcloths (and sticking with them) is their capability to remain odor-free. I have a terrible sense of smell and if I can smell something, I know others smell it stronger. So having an odor-free option gives me peace of mind AND keeps my house smelling fresh.

I’ve tried many other dishcloths in the past, and being able to find something that’s reusable, earth-friendly and odor free (while being pretty!) was exactly what I needed in a dishcloth. My experience has been so positive, and I think you’ll find the same if you decide to make the switch yourself.

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