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A peek into my “studio”

Spoiler Alert: I don't have one.

Which means you don't have to have one either. Here are the places I create around my house.

We've all seen them, the beautiful photos of a clean, open mostly-white space with immaculate inspiration boards and perfect organization. We've seen enough of them to make us sometimes feel like that's a prerequisite to being successful at creating. But it's not.

The truth is, those with the gorgeous art studios are in the minority. Most of us are creating right where we are with what we have. Whether it's at the kitchen table or snuggled up in bed, we can find a place to create regardless of your square footage. So today I'm showing you the places I create in.

Dining Room Table

I love the light near my kitchen table for painting and my kids often come paint with me. It’s a way to include them in the process and also let them see me doing what I love.

And my supplies? They live in a kitchen drawer near the table. While I have to set up and then clean up each time, I find this space inspiring.

The Floor by my Sliding Glass Door

Photographing things also happens in the kitchen near or on the table.

I love the natural light from the sliding glass door and that I can use the dining table chairs to get higher above my work if needed. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done.

Computer Desk

I do all the computer work at my desk in the corner of my bedroom--the vectorizing, cleaning, pattern building, and all the business aspects of things happen here.

Would I love a dedicated place to create where everything was set up and beautiful all the time? Yes. Is it sometimes annoying to go back and forth between my work "stations?" Yes. But I'm working with what I have.

Just because you don’t have a beautiful studio shouldn't stop you from creating beautiful and meaningful work. Use what you've got and find ways to make it work for you.

Where do you create? Comment below and tell me about your space no matter how big or small.

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