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What do you do with a pattern?

Building a pattern is a pretty cool process as you’ve already seen, but what do I do with a seamless pattern? Or other artwork I create?

Oh my friend, there are so many opportunities. Just for fun, the next time you go into a store, look around at all the different surfaces there are patterns on. Fabric, notebooks, kitchen dishes, tea towels, mugs, computer/phone accessories, wallpaper, pillows, home decor…you get the picture.

Here are a couple of ways I plan to use my artwork:


Licensing is kind of like renting your patterns to a company who puts those designs onto a product. The world is absolutely filled with patterns and surface designers get to create beauty to life with those patterns and artwork. I’m working to license my artwork to go on surfaces in several of these areas, but since I’m still getting started there’s a lot of work ahead of me to find and partner with cool brands—it’s all very exciting. If you're a brand, contact me here.

Fabric Design

I do currently have many designs available for purchase through a local fabric shop that uses eco-friendly printing processes. You can see all my patterns currently available at Raspberry Creek Fabrics here.

Shop Lisee Ree

Beyond licensing, I have created and continue to expand an online boutique where you can shop from right from my site with things I think you’ll love the most. I started with a small offering and will expand where I see both interest and where I think my artwork will be a good fit. I'm thrilled to currently offer note cards, vinyl stickers, t-shirts, and throw pillows.

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